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Welcome to Underwood Books. We are a publisher specializing in Fantasy Art & Science Fiction, and Self Help/Health related titles.


Spectrum 13

The increasing popularity of fantasy and science fiction themes in art is celebrated in the annual Spectrum series. This is the premier venue for such art, a lavishly illustrated volume and an invaluable resource, eagerly awaited by art directors, illustrators, and readers alike. Drawn from books, comics, magazines, art galleries, advertisements, and portfolios, each Spectrum represents a who’s who in fantasy today.

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The Art of John Jude Palencar

OriginsJohn Jude Palencar has painted book covers and illustrated the works of Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Christopher Paolini, and many others. He is probably best known for his covers to the fantasy novels of Christopher Paolini, author of ERAGON and ELDEST. The best of these illustrations are included in this volume. Origins is the first collection of Palencar’s work.

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The Art of Jon Foster

revolutionThe best of Foster’s SF and Fantasy book cover illustrations for Michael Moorcock, Paul Collins, Liz Williams, etc., are included in this volume. As well as selections of his work for Wizards of the Coast’s MAGIC: THE GATHERING game cards, his covers for DC Comics (including Neil Gaiman’s BOOKS OF MAGIC), and his work for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (for whom he has also drawn in the field on archaeological assignments). Also included are a selection from his work as conceptual artist for an animated film (forthcoming) based on THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.

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