Who Am I, Really?

How Our Wounds Can Lead to Healing

by Joseph Cavanaugh,

Foreword by Brother David Steindl-Rast, Ph.D., OSB

This book offers hope and humor for those of us searching for meaning,
purpose and identity in a world gone slightly mad, a “wounded planet”.

With written examples and cartoon illustrations, author and therapist
Joseph Cavanaugh shows how our self-image determines our ability to produce
the results we want in our lives–our ability to function socially, develop
trust and sustain relationships.
“Those who lament the lack of an instruction book for life would do
well to read Joe Cavanaugh’s Who Am I, Really?” –Jeff Kane, M.D., Author,
How to Heal: A Guide for Caregivers.

2004. Trade Softcover. 160pp. $10.00


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