The Laughing Magician

by Jack Vance

Illustrated by Stephen Fabian

The Laughing Magician combines for the first time two of Vance’s most popular “Dying Earth” novels: The Eyes of the Overworld and Cugel the Clever. Both are tales of a charming rascal named Cugel, who is forced on a quest across Earth in a time so remote that the sun itself has grown red and dim. Cugel’s adventures have entertained fantasy readers since their first appearance more than 40 years ago. This is the definitive collector’s edition.

Fall 2005. Deluxe slipcased illustrated edition, limited to 500 numbered copies signed by the author, Jack Vance. Included is a facsimile of one of Vance’s handwritten Cugel manuscripts. 320pp. $75.00

ISBN: 1-887424-00-8

ISBN13/EAN: 978-1887-42400-4

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