I Got Pregnant, You Can Too!

How Healing Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Leads to

by Katie Boland

Foreword by Khalil Tabsh M.D.

This book is about everything you can do to get pregnant, in addition
to going to doctors. It’s packed with ways you can help yourself conceive
and ways you can maximize your medical treatment. This book helps women
get their lives back and men get their wives back. It offers hope, inspiration
and reassurance.

Boland’s unflinching account of how she struggled to
get pregnant and
bring her pregnancy to term will provide hope and knowledge to any
woman who has experienced fertility problems. Part research report,
part personal
testimonial, part how-to manual, this book can help women who may be
on the verge of giving up, showing them how they might overcome the
obstacles to
achieve their dreams of having a child.

In this very personal book, Boland …outlines numerous ways to physical,
emotional, and spiritual well-being that, she argues, can increase the odds
of becoming pregnant.” –Library Journal.

1998. Trade Softcover. 224pp. $12.00.

ISBN: 1-887424-38-5

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